Billing and Support Features

Billing and support feature is our new add on in Custom IPTV Smarters Pro.  This add on feature seems effortless which enhances the experience of an end-user while using the app.If you want that, this add on feature will work for you then you must be an Owner of the Xtream Code panel and have to buy our IPTV Billing Portal or Xtream Code Modules.

But, there are some other conditions if you are Reseller

You have to buy our automatic Reseller Billing Panel.
reCaptcha function is disabled
You must have a permission to edit password of streamline.
If you buy this then it simply adds the benefits for your customer which are given below:

Free Trial and Auto-login– It gives the potential to your customer to get a free trial through the app and make an auto-login to app. If we have a look at an earlier version then user has to go to the website and then download the app and after that his username and password details are created. But, in this feature user has to simply make a decision to get a free trial.

Pay through App: There might be a situation arises when a user is watching the movie or series then his subscription plan is over then in this scenario he will be able to pay through the app. This is the main and most smashing feature of this addon.

Manage the subscription: User can manage the subscription for instance user can choose any one plan be it for one month or for one year and so on depending on the options.

Manage invoices– User can manage the invoices.

Communicate with the staff: User can open a new ticket and if there is any query then he will be able to talk or communicate with the staff.

Please keep in mind that Owner or Reseller can control the number of accounts running on the same phone through the Mac address. By this client can restrict the number of free trial on the same phone for the app.

So, these all are some outstanding features of this add on.  If you buy this then you are going to provide the best services to your customers.

See Screenshots how does it look like

If you have already bought our app and IPTV Billing Panel or xtream codes module then buy the product addon only

NOTE : Make sure you have bought our Custom IPTV Smarters Pro App before buying the add-on for it