Smart IPTV Billing Panel

A Fully Automated IPTV Subscription & Billing Management

Smart IPTV Billing SystemV3

Smart IPTV Billing Panel Or System is an IPTV Billing Portal for Xtream UI and  Xtream Codes that manages IPTV Subscriptions &  Billing automatically or manually.

It’s been designed and developed using WHMCS and connects to Xtream Codes Panel through Database Connection.
It works with Xtream Codes Version > 2.0

It is a fully automated payment system that comes along with User, Reseller, and Super Reseller Panel.

How it works - Offline Docs

A complete explanation of its features and how it works.This guide covers each and every functionality of Smart Billing System

User Area Screenshots

Click here if you are looking for IPTV Billing System for Stalker Middleware

Reseller Area Screenshots



  • Automatic account creation in Stalker
  • Automatic subscription renewal
  • Automatic payment capture
  • Account suspension if payment fails


  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency
  • ALL major Payment gateways
  • Ticket Support System
  • Shopping Cart for User


  • Connects to Stalker via API
  • No coding required
  • Reseller system built in
  • Easy to set up subscription plans
  • MySQL Connectivity for addional features

What makes it a Complete IPTV Billing Solution

We also offer a complete end-to-end IPTV Billing Solution for Xtream Codes that is hosted on your server.

Frontend ( Website in WordPress + theme integrated ) + Smart IPTV Billing Panel

Frontend is an “optional buy” but is recommended to make your website aesthetically appealing.

Some additional features are –

Pre-built Home Page, Contact Us, FAQ, Channel list page etc.

Editing the content of website and Addition of new page made easy (for admin).

Learn more about editing the website using Frontend Watch a Quick Video

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